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POS System

The convenience of a barcode system at your business counter.

Invoice / Quotation

Make receipts and quotations easily and quickly whether printed, sent via email or SMS.

Stock management

Manage your products stock more easily and orderly.

Accounting Software

Manage your business account more efficiently and systematically


Are You Having Problems Like Them?

  • Don’t Know where is the business money spent to?
  • Not sure how much profit or loss your business has?
  • Your business account messy?
  • Your product stock often goes unnoticed?
  • Product stock too many types to manage?
  • Is your staff dishonest? Lots of money leaks?
  • Stuck for tax calculations?
  • Not sure the annual zakat calculation?
  • Can’t afford an accountant to manage the account on a daily and monthly basis?
  • Can’t afford to pay an Accounting System and POS System worth thousands of Ringgit?
Advantages of usahaone @ sifuapps.biz

Privileges Of Our Accounting & POS System

Online Access

You can access it anywhere using pc, mobile or table.

More Organized Business

No need to wait for your business financial report. With this system you can view financial reports in ‘real-time’ at any time.

More efficient

All management is no longer manual and this will make it easier for your employees and save time

Efficient Customer Service

After you sign up, you can refer to the video tutorial we provide. You can refer to our team if you have any questions or problems. We also provide 1-1 training


Business management

Manage more than 1 type of business, branch, store. Set profit margins, taxes and many more.

Products Management

Stock management, prices, discounts, brands, categories, units, taxes, tax groups, expiration dates of products, SKUs, IMEI / Serial No, print barcodes and labels, sales price categories, CSV product imports and more.

Customers & Suppliers

Customer and supplier list management. Set payment types and payment balance reminders. View payment records and purchase transactions.

Staff, Sales Representative, Cashier

Management of permitted access to specific sections of each employee. Commission settings on agents and employees.


Sophisticated reports with filters & charts. Profit and loss reports, purchase and sales reports, stock reports, trending product reports, tax reports, expense reports, supplier and customer reports, cash registers reports, sales representative reports and many more.


Notifications via email and SMS. Attractive dashboard for details for each branch completed with chart. Expenditure management. Support barcode scanner and thermal printer (ESC / POS)

Others Additional Functions

Table Order

Manage customer orders according to their respective tables. Ideal for restaurants, Saloons / Spas and other similar businesses.

Service Staffs

Every purchase or order from your customer can be assigned directly to your service employee. For example, waiters, barbers, cooks, mechanics, designers and others who are almost similar.

Service Screen

Your service worker can see a screen for a list of tasks to be performed. Each completed task they can mark as completed and continue to do the next task that needs to be done. Examples of these screens are suitable to be placed in the kitchen of a restaurant, workshop or others suitable.

Appointments and Reservations

You can arrange appointments and customer bookings. These bookings can be arranged at the desk and service workers are available. Suitable examples of booking restaurant tables, hotel rooms, car rentals etc. are almost identical.

Reward Points Program

Set Reward Points

Redeem Reward Points

POS System (Point of Sale) At Your Business Counter

You can use cash register, barcode scanner, print barcode label and thermal printer for receipt at your business counter if you want. We also sell packages with these tools if you do not already have those tools. These devices are suitable for traders who have shops, kiosks, stalls and have many different types of products and prices.

Examples of suitable businesses:

  • Grocery store
  • Supermarket
  • Vape shop
  • Phone / gadget / accessory shop
  • Beauty / herbal product store
  • Other suitable businesses

These tools are not an obligation. You can still manage your business account without these tools.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)


You can keep a database of your customers or potential customers.


You can impress your potential customers to buy your product. You can follow them up from time to time


You can record sources from which your customers or potential customers know about your business. With this you can find out where your marketing is most effective.

Life Stages

You can create life stages for your leads. With this you can follow up your potential customers in stages.


You can run campaigns via SMS or Email using the database you have compiled. Suitable if you have any recent promotions or announcements about your product.


You can record the birthday of your customer or potential customer. You can see the latest birthday list and can send Email & SMS to them to appreciate them or give promotion during their birthday.


You can make an appointment with a customer or potential customer using the calendar provided.


By using a CRM system you can build closer relationships with your customers and potential customers. You can remarketing to your potential customers over and over again until they finally buy your product.

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

You can manage your employees easily with the features available in the BusinessOne System.


You can calculate salary based on attendence, make allowance payments, deductions and salary payments.

Leave Management

You can set the type of leave, set the amount of leave, see the remaining balance of the leave and see the status of the leave whether approved or not.


Pekerja anda boleh Clock-In & Clock-out. Pengiraan gaji juga boleh dikira berdasarkan jumlah jam kerja.

Public holiday

You can set public holidays for all branches and specific branches only. You can also send notifications regarding public holidays to all your employees.

To Do List

You can enter a list of tasks that need to be done. You can mark as completed for completed tasks.

Document Storage & Sharing

You can save documents on the UsahaOne System server. You can also share this document with other staff for download.


You can create memos and share them with other staff.


You can create reminders with event names, dates and times. You can set either reminders for once or repeatedly such as daily, weekly or monthly. You can view all events viewing the calendar provided.


You can send a message to all staff by branch location.

Project Management Features

Manage Project

Manage unlimited projects, classify projects into several different categories, set status, add leads, assign multiple members to work on the project, start & end dates for it.View all projects in list view or dashboard. The dashboard provides a complete overview of all projects in one view.Each project has a detailed overview, detailed activity logs, tasks, time logs, documents & notes, and invoices.Projects can be filtered by status, category and more.


A very detailed activity log which logs all actions performed by anyone in the project. This helps you know who changed what and when


Invoice client for projects by adding different tasks, quantity(Hours spend or other units), unit price, & total. Also, the option to provide a discount.Payment related to invoices can be added and mark them as due/partial/paid.Invoices for projects are reflected in the Profit & Loss report to get an accurate calculation of your finances.

Task Management

Add unlimited tasks in the project. Tasks can have subject, text editor for description, deadline, priority, status & some members assigned to it.You can also view tasks in the dashboard to get details of all tasks in one view.

Documents & Notes

Add all documents & notes related to a project, so that other project members can check them. Also, mark it private to hide from other members.

My Tasks

See all tasks assigned to you in different projects, filter them with there statuses, due date & priority. This helps employee to prioritize tasks and start working accordingly. Admin can view tasks of all member here and filter tasks by an employee and all other as a present for others.

Log Time

Employees or assigned members can record the time spent for each task with start & end time. This can help to know the number of detailed hours & total expenses by members for the task.


Settings are only accessible by leads of a project. Feature for a project can be enabled/disabled here & different permission can be set for members.


Time Log report (By Project / Employee): Get a complete view of time spend by an employee in different pojects or time spent in a particular project by different employees.

repair service

Repair Features

In UsahaOne System there are also features to repair if your business provides repair services such as telephone / computer repair shops, electronics repair, workshops and other repair services.

Manufacturing Features

UsahaOne system has manufacturing features for businesses that produce their own products. With this the business owner can calculate the cost of manufacturing and production. You can also control the raw material / manufacturing stock. This feature is suitable for businesses such as eateries, cafes, product factories, perfume factories and other types of manufacturing businesses.

Manufacturing is the process of converting raw materials into final products that can be sold to customers.

Manufacturing has 2 main steps:

Recipe: The recipe determines the raw materials or ingredients in the right proportions that should be used for the manufacture of the final product. For the manufacture of standard product instructions are followed where the material or raw material is processed in the right quantity to have a quality final product.

2. Production: Based on the added recipe for the product, the production shows the total quantity of all raw materials required for the manufacturing quantity of the product.

There are several further steps such as cost calculation, waste calculation, allocation of lot number & expiration date for the product released.

Cost calculation

The cost of the final product depends on the cost of raw materials, Production costs (labor costs, machine costs, fuel costs for machines such as Petrol / Gas / Electric) & Waste. Further the selling price will have some percentage of profit added to the cost of this manufacture.

Waste Calculation

Waste can be made from raw materials or final products. Waste of raw materials can be like if we take flowers only, it needs to be cleaned by removing leaves & stems, this leads to waste because it is discarded and not used. Manufacturing products can sometimes be wasted by leaks or poor quality or other unavoidable reasons.

Lot number

Generally, most of the goods produced have a Lot number that allows tracking of parts or compiler materials as well as labor records and equipment involved in the manufacture of the product. This allows manufacturers and other entities to perform quality control inspections and issue corrections or recall information to a subset of their production outputs. This also gives consumers an identification that they can use in contacting the manufacturer and examining the production of goods received.

Expiry Date

Food products, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and many other manufacturing products where the age of the product can affect its safe use and have an expiration date to be set. By setting an expiration date you can identify products that are less safe to use after the expiration date.

QR Menu / Digital Menu Features

Features Available In Digital Menu & Catalog

With this feature traders can easily share menus in restaurants / stores or provide product catalogs to customers without contact.


Integration With E-Commerce Website

Most e-commerce websites do not integrate with POS & Account systems. But by using the UsahaOne system you can integrate your e-commerce website with the UsahaOne System if the website uses WordPress and uses the WooCommerce plugin. All products in terms of stock, price, description, product group will sync automatically with your website. Every sale on the website will also be updated on the UsahaOne system automatically. No need to manually update sales and products.

If you do not already have a website and plan to have a website. You can also contact us to create a website for you & integrate with the UsahaOne System. The price offered is very reasonable with fast support, fast server, fast website, strict security, modern and latest theme and various premium plugins provided.

Who Should Use Our System?

Online / Offline Traders

full / part time traders

Grocery store / supermarket

restaurants / eateries


Printing shop

Barber shop / saloon / spa

suppliers and wholesalers

various other types of business

Choose your package

Price Is Cheap & Affordable

We are very aware that most traders do not have an accounting & POS system one of the factors is not being able to buy it plus for new traders. Therefore we offer packages at very affordable prices. Get PROMOTION UP TO 60% for Yearly Packages! **Limited time Offer!


RM 80


  • 1 Business Location
  • 2 Users
  • UnlimitedProducts
  • Unlimited Invoice
  • Unlimited Customers/Suppliers Database
  • Free 3 Days Trial
  • ✅. POS System
  • ✅. Accounting
  • ✅. Tables System
  • ✅. Modifiers
  • ✅. Service Staff
  • ✅. Bookings
  • ✅. Kitchen Display System
  • ✅. Subscription
  • ✅. Stock Adjustment
  • ✅. Stock Transfer
  • ✅. Expenses
  • Add-on Features
  • Add Business Location (RM20/Business Location)
  • Add User (RM10/User)
  • CRM (RM30)
  • Project Management (RM30)
  • HR Management (RM30)
  • Catalogue QR (RM10)
  • Repair Management (RM30)
  • Manufacturing (RM30)
  • WooCommerce (RM30)
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RM 400


  • 1 Business Location
  • 2 Users
  • UnlimitedProducts
  • Unlimited Invoice
  • Unlimited Customers/Suppliers Database
  • Free 3 Days Trial
  • ✅. POS System
  • ✅. Accounting
  • ✅. Tables System
  • ✅. Modifiers
  • ✅. Service Staff
  • ✅. Bookings
  • ✅. Kitchen Display System
  • ✅. Subscription
  • ✅. Stock Adjustment
  • ✅. Stock Transfer
  • ✅. Expenses
  • Add-on Features
  • Add Business Location (RM150/Business Location)
  • Add User (RM50/User)
  • CRM (RM200)
  • Project Management (RM200)
  • HR Management (RM200)
  • Catalogue QR (RM50)
  • Repair Management (RM200)
  • Manufacturing (RM200)
  • WooCommerce (RM200)
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Frequently asked questions.

You can see the demo by CLICK HERE and enter your username and password as below

Username: demo2003
Password: demo123

Our account system is very suitable for most types of business. You can see demo or try for Free for 3 days to see if our system is suitable for your business or not.

Yes. You can try it for free for 3 days before you want to subscribe. After that you need to subscribe to the annual payment.

This system has been designed to be very easy to understand and use despite no experience in accountants. You can refer to our tutorial and get help from our support team if you have any questions.

Yes. The system is provided with Malay and English.

Your data is stored on a cloud server. We make backups every night to avoid any possible eventuality.

We do not enter into any contract with the customer. You can unsubscribe at any time you want.

If you are late making a payment or not making a subscription payment. You may not create any new records but you can still view records that have been created before. After 6 months you do not make payment. Your account will be closed.

Each customer will be included in our Telegram group. You can ask questions in the group. In addition you can also Whatsapp our Support or via Email.

Yes, we provide 1-1 training with an additional charge of RM150 for training via Zoom or training in our office. A charge of RM200 is charged for training at your own place and the transport charge is RM2.50/KM from our office to your place.

Each training session is 2 to 3 hours.

You can import & export data such as customer database, sales and products in the form of CSV (Excel).

If you want to import data from a system you previously used. You can import the data such as customer database and products through the CSV (Excel) template that has been provided.

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